Customer Care

Customer Care Zoyto Services’ help desk center is set-up as a three-tier system

Customer Care Services

Zoyto Services’ help desk center is set-up as a three-tier system. Tier one resolves general inquiries that are well documented in the knowledge base system. Should the agent be unable to resolve the inquiry via the knowledge base, the case is documented and escalated to a more experienced agent for resolution (Tier two). In the few instances that a remote resolution is unattainable, Tier three agents will perform an on site visit to resolve the case. All cases are documented and accessible to the client for review. Unique cases that have not yet been documented in the knowledge base prior to resolution are added for future resolution. Zoyto Services’ knowledge base system records all incidents and provides the Help Desk agent with the necessary reporting capabilities to expediently assist the end customer. This helps to identify potential problems before they become serious and enables the agents to take the necessary precautions.

Located in Houston, Texas our onshore call center provides customer support for clients around the United States and internationally.

Zoyto Services CRM Software

Zoyto Services’ in-house developed software equips our CSRs with the necessary tools to ensure personalization throughout the customer care process. Zoyto Services’ system utilizes state-of-the-art scripting solutions and skill based routing systems, assuring superior customer interaction and corporate brand representation. On average our CSRs receive 104 hours of training and have constant, direct supervision. We provide services in English, Spanish and French.

Our system also stores a customers’ historical data, providing the CSR with sufficient information to effectively consult with the customer on future purchases. A customer’s preferences are well documented, offering a CSR with higher cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, thus increasing bottom line results. This software platform is integrated into our traditional contact center as well as our virtual customer care solution, continuously documenting customer interaction at all times.

Technical Support

First Call Resolution is the key! The goal is to create a positive customer experience through each customer service touch point, while better familiarizing the customer with the product at hand. This assures customer retention and solidifies brand equity. Zoyto Services’ knowledge base system allows our agents to achieve the highest quality of service while expediently resolving the issue. This minimizes operational expenses associated with technical support.

Our support center can assist with installation and troubleshooting of both, off-the-shelf software and hardware systems alike. We also can provide certified and multilingual (English, Spanish and French Canadian) agents as necessary – both worldwide and domestic. And our CRM system ties-in with our Warehouse Management System for rapid resolution of order fulfillment or shipping questions.

Summary of Services

  • SAfter Sale Customer Service
  • RMA Management
  • Escalations
  • Knowledge Base Communication
  • Product Replacement
  • Fundraising Management
  • Zoyto Services Systems Help Desk Support