Zoyto Services’ ecommerce websites are a marketer’s dream.


If you’re in the market for a powerful, flexible and easy to manage e-Commerce website, look no further than Zoyto Services.  Whether it’s for B-to-B or B-to-C (or even direct selling applications), our customized shopping sites will meet your needs today and in the future.  Some of the most popular features include: 

  • Ratings & Reviews

Product ratings and reviews increase user engagement and aid in prospect and customer purchase decisions. You have complete Admin control for moderating, appropriate flagging, and spam control.

  • Wish List

Users can easily save items to their wish list, share their wish list with friends, or add the list to their shopping cart.

  • Integrated Social Media

Our websites makes it easy for your users to connect their shopping experience and favorite products with the social networks of their choice.

  • Product Cross Sell & Up Sell

Increase product visibility with our flexible Cross-sell/Up-sell tool. This powerful function allows you to set automation rules for a hands-off solution or you can have complete control at the product level.

  • Catalog Management

Manage your catalog, online/offline dates and times, inventory levels, backorder rules, pricing, sales, promotions, product photos, and more from an easy-to-use, intuitive administrative panel. With a Zoyto Services website, it’s at your fingertips.

Non Profit eCommerce

eCommerce Isn’t Always a Sale But it is Still a Transaction.

Your business or organization may not sell products or services.  You may be a non-profit, or a charity that needs an easy to use method of collecting donations online.

Or you might be a professional such as a doctor, accountant or attorney looking for an efficient way to collect payments for your services.

Our ecommerce websites allow you to you can configure Web Forms to securely collect payments for almost anything that you might need.


Autoship or Recurring Orders Mean Predictable Revenue Streams.

If your Payment Gateway supports it (Zoyto Services offers payment gateways too if you’d like that turnkey service), your Zoyto Services ecommerce website allows to you sell products that have a built in re-occurrence. Often called Autoship, Ship-Until-Forbid or Recurring Orders, if you have the type of products or services that your customers consume or repeatedly purchase, you can offer a subscription that will automatically process the order weekly, monthly or whenever you determine.  This predictable order processing, volume and revenue helps with forecasting, cash flow control and inventory management. It can also improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Importing, Exporting and Migrating Products

Is your product inventory on a spreadsheet or are you already using another ecommerce platform? No problem. Zoyto Services made sure our ecommerce websites allow you to import your products to the new website (or to make updates if you have seasonal or changing products) via a simple spreadsheet. That means getting started is easy and quick plus you’ll have the flexibility to make changes without investing huge amounts of time or money.

And while we don’t think you’ll ever want to leave your Zoyto Services’ ecommerce platform, if for some reason you do decide to move, we’ve included a simple to use export format to make conversion to another cart easier.

eCommerce Marketing Made Simple

Zoyto Services’ ecommerce websites are a marketer’s dream.

Your site has marketing and sales tools that allow you to easily incorporate discount codes; offer gift vouchers; track and reward referrals and affiliates; and set-up a variety of tests so you can evaluate promotions before deciding to roll them out or not.  Imagine letting your marketing imagination run wild to help boost profits and improve bottom line results.

Newsletters, blogs, email campaigns- they are all easy to set-up and manage from your Zoyto Services ecommerce website.  We’ve even got templates available that will allow you to create professional material without the need for extensive training plus you’ll have the ability to import outside lists for prospecting.

Monitoring & Reporting

Zoyto Services has partnered with an industry leader in web performance & systems monitoring. AlertSite monitors all of our client’s web portals and provides valuable insight in the areas of web performance measurement, systems monitoring and security scanning services. In the event that a site is facing performance issues, AlertSite sends out a notification to Zoyto’ Services IT team pinpointing the problem. This allows for quicker resolution turn times.

Meaningful Analytics

Your ecommerce website is an integral part of your business. In fact it may be your only method of sales. That’s why we’ve made sure our sites include reports on cart abandonment, product popularity, order volume and more, so that you can analyze and understand how website and shopping sections are performing.  You’ll begin to understand visitor behavior so that you can influence things like purchasing decisions and order size.

And best of all you don’t need additional coding or complex tracking codes.

With a Zoyto Services ecommerce website you get meaningful data and reports designed to help you run your business more smoothly and efficiently.  You can customize reports and “drill-down” to get an amazing amount of data.  Plus our sites present the data in a number of ways with easy to understand charts and graphs supported by numeric statistics and data. Information is only as good as the actions it allows you to take or the decisions you can make.

Our reports give you the information to make the right decisions and take the proper actions.

Here’s an added feature: you can use the QuickBooks Web Connector (version 5 or later) to easily sync your orders with QuickBooks.