Inventory Management

Zoyto Services’ order management process is highly automated and implements quality assurance processes throughout the entire product management lifecycle.

Inventory Management System

Zoyto Services’ order management process is highly automated and implements quality assurance processes throughout the entire product management life cycle. System inventory levels and order status codes are automatically adjusted throughout all business processes giving insight to the current location of the product in the order process. Bar codes are used throughout the pick-pack-ship process, allowing the system to track the location of the product as it passes through each checkpoint that is set up during the order fulfillment cycle.

Items are inventoried in a narrow aisle pallet storage arena and can be easily tracked via a bar code scanner.

Once the items arrive at the packing station, the merchandise is scanned sending its order status to the proprietary system. It then provides the packaging instructions as well as the necessary shipping paperwork in order to complete the order. This process is repeated in the shipping department, where the scanning of the bar code prepares the product for shipment.

Serialized Inventory

Besides tracking inventory by traditional means, Zoyto can also implement a serialized product tracking solution for your product. As a Microsoft® Third Party Installer, Zoyto Services implements serialized product tracking processes that are crucial for high dollar products and products that are tied to royalties. Zoyto Services will give your product a unique identifier i.e. a serial number, so that each individual product can be scanned prior to it being placed into inventory. Zoyto Services’ Warehouse Management System (WMS) then allocates the inventory to orders on a FIFO basis and provides reporting that pairs each order number to the corresponding serial number. This allows for product track ability at all times and assures a product fulfillment accuracy of over 99.9%.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Zoyto Services can optimize your supply chain performance by implementing a solution known as Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). With a vendor managed inventory strategy in place, Zoyto Services will maintain the partnerships that exist between you and your suppliers. Zoyto Services will conceive a detailed sourcing strategy, replacing any random collection of vendor offerings you may have used in the past. This combined with complex Demand Forecasting tools helps define the necessary restocking quantities that assure improved economies of scale and increased operational efficiencies. Additional benefits in implementing Zoyto Services’ Vendor Managed Inventory strategy includes the following:

  • A shortened supply chain
  • Better control over back orders
  • Streamlined inventory levels throughout the supply chain
  • A single data warehouse system that permits better demand forecasting
  • Continuous communication with your suppliers which helps increase inventory turnover levels. It also allows Zoyto Services to implement stringent quality control measurements, making sure that the vendor is meeting all of your performance guidelines.
  • Automatic replenishment of supplies once low stock levels are reached
  • Vendor consolidations that reduce IT expenditures
  • Improved price breaks

Zoyto Services will implement a VMI strategy that monitors the entire supply chain for you, allowing you to focus on your core competencies. Web-based reporting tools are accessible to your operations team at all times and will keep them informed of inventory levels as well as outline future demand requirements. This gives your organization the critical data needed to grow your business by fine-tuning your business strategy to current market conditions.

Security Protection

Zoyto Services understands the need to implement security systems that mitigate fraudulent activities. That is why we invest heavily into industry proven encryption policies and have a double firewall system in place, protecting your customer data both externally as well as internally from unauthorized access. Additional security measurements include stringent security checks prior to employment as well as having all of our employees (this includes CSR agents as well as our warehouse operators) bonded.

Zoyto Services also spends a great deal of time and money upgrading its warehouse security measures, considering we warehouse product for numerous industries including jewelry, cosmetics, electronics, and even some perishable commodities. Restricted areas such as the warehouse are only accessible via card scanning systems with strict levels given only to higher authorized personnel. The warehouse is also equipped with both video camera’s (24 hours) and motion detection surveillance systems (operated by night).

Summary of Services

  • Receipt Management
  • Cycle Counting
  • Product Consolidation
  • Automated Restocking
  • Item Classification
  • Hazmat Classification
  • Product Configuration
  • Lot Control
  • Product Serialization
  • Storage Only
  • Cross Docking