Program Management

Zoyto Services’ program development processes and procedures are methodical in nature, irrespective of the size or scope of the program.

Single-Point Program Management Support

Zoyto Services understands the critical role we play in your business processes which is why we have established single-point program support for each client. These senior managers take ownership of your projects and are empowered to ensure the appropriate resources are deployed to deliver the desired results. Additionally we have stringent control measurements in place based on our approach to Total Quality Management and Lean Six Sigma practices which ensures consistent, scalable results. However, it is the intangible attributes (i.e. Zoyto Services’ corporate culture, our spirit and vision, as well as our extensive knowledge in all areas of customer fulfillment) that set us apart from our competitors, and that our clients and their customers’ have come to depend on.

Zoyto Services’ program development processes and procedures are methodical in nature, irrespective of the size or scope of the program, and includes these six steps:

1. Client Consultation
Zoyto Services’ program support will consider each and every program unique; therefore it is critical for the success of the program support to understand your business needs. During this initial meeting, the objective of the program is clarified. In developing the Program Mandate, we are able to outline the specific tactics required for each individual program we undertake.
2. Program Definition
The next step is to define the overall program requirements and procedures in order to map out the functional specifications of the program. This is typically done via a detailed Q&A interview. This process may include a business analyst, project manager, and members of our inter-departmental teams. This will ensure that Zoyto Services understands each component of your program to ensure rapid deployment of your program.
3. Design & Development
During this stage, the Program Director and our internal team will develop a high-end functionality specifications document highlighting the overall processes and procedures that were collected in earlier conversations as well as any assumptions that have been made.
4. Scope of Work Development
The Scope of Work (SOW) documentation will outline the overall program features. This documentation provides details on the program, reporting features, performance metrics, quality assurance guidelines, performance review schedules, contractual agreements, as well as an itemized quote for managing the program.
5. Program Implementation
Upon client approval of the SOW documentation, Zoyto Services’ IT department starts implementing the program solution as outlined in the detailed functionality specifications document. During the development of the program you will have real time account accessibility. This assures client involvement as the program develops and is a very powerful tool for making modifications throughout the program implementation stage. Real time access reduces the overall development time of the program and speeds up the time to market schedule of the program. During the development of the solution, our IT department conducts extensive testing in order to assure that the program meets your acceptance in all areas (functionality, loading and stress performance). Once the testing is completed the program is launched.
6. Program Measurement & Performance Enhancements
Your Program remains under the constant supervision of a Program Manager and its support team. You will have 24/7 access to web-enabled reporting tools. In addition to the web-enabled reports, Program Managers will set up a pre-scheduled Business Review (i.e. quarterly, semi-annually or annually) in which your program is evaluated and analyzed in greater detail. During this time period our Program Managers will provide you with performance reviews as well as recommendations that may improve the overall impact of the program.

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