Using innovative and widely accepted Search Engine Optimization techniques, Zoyto Services assists our clients in establishing higher search engine rankings, generating more traffic.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Using innovative and widely accepted Search Engine Optimization techniques, Zoyto Services assists our clients in establishing higher search engine rankings, generating more traffic. Zoyto Services’ Marketing team will review the content on your site and modify the content so that the pages incorporate keyword phrases for higher search engine rankings. Our consultants will work with your Branding Team so that the content retains the same tone and feel as outlined by your company.

Researching keyword terms that are relevant in your industry, Zoyto Services incorporates these terms into your Web content. Meta tags and titles will also be optimized prior to submitting the Website to the major search engines for placement. Once launched, a Zoyto Services Program Manager will track the performance of your campaign and make or suggest any additional adjustments to the Website that assist in higher search engine rankings.

Zoyto Services focuses on key areas to help ensure you reach the highest possible organic rankings. And our team stays versed on all the latest Google updates from Panda to Penguin so that we can suggest changes to help you maximize your website’s appeal given the subtle algorithm changes.

With Zoyto Services’ SEO programs, you’ll get:

  • Website construction that makes site architecture inviting and appealing to search engine spiders.
  • On page optimization that ensures each page of your website becomes a “mini-website” based on the keywords and subject matter.  Instead of one entry point, your website will have dozens depending on your page count. This increases your chances of ranking with multiple pages and can improve the user experience by minimizing clicks required to find relevant information.
  • Relevant content that is highly valued by the search engines and your visitors.  Ranking for irrelevant topics may get you traffic but it will also lead to non-qualified traffic and higher bounce rates.
  • Internal linking designed to improve the user experience and help boost the value search engines place on your website.
  • Xml site maps that update automatically and appeal to the search engine spiders.
  • Pre- and post-click experience.  It’s not enough to rank organically.  You need visitors to take action like making a purchase.  Unlike most companies we consider post-click behavior as strongly as pre-click rankings.  This means the traffic you work so hard to attract is more likely to stay on your site; find what they want; and easily take the desired actions.
  • Social Media tools that make it easy to integrate and utilize the power of all social media to drive traffic to your site and boost organic rankings.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is never done.  Part science—part art, it is an ongoing process that can’t be “boxed” in a, “plug and play” third party software or done by unscrupulous, “SEO experts” that use black hat or grey hat techniques that can get your site banned by the search engines.  If you want true, meaningful organic rankings you need the team at Zoyto Services to help you achieve your goals. Zoyto Services understands the entire business cycle from promotions to order fulfillment and customer service.  That experience helps ensure you’ll get unmatched SEO results.

eCommerce With an SEO Focus

Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing love our ecommerce websites! Unlike many shopping site providers, we’ve made sure your site can be optimized exactly as you want and that it is accessible to the search engines.  This means it can get found and indexed by search engines. Our online stores automatically generate a Google Sitemaps XML file, complete with paths to products and more. This is critical to help ensure your site is crawled and indexed. Also, our ecommerce site URLs contain the product or catalog’s name which dramatically improves search engine relevance.